Paypal Europe Issue



I just want to inform you about two major issue's you can get in Europe with Paypall if the story below is true.

For your information;
I have a Paypall Account in Germany for quite some time and happy about their performance.

This month I started my selling business and used the Paypall system to receive the payments. This went okay and the fee of 1.9% is acceptable.
But then I wanted to transfer my money to my bank account in France.

Paypall Germany said that is not direct possible, but you can open a Paypall account in France. Then I can transfer from Paypall Germany to Paypall France and subsequently followed by transfer the money to my French Bank account.
Although not happy (all extra work), I opened another Paypall account in France. I was pleased that I could even choose my preferred language, while setting up my profile.So I Choose English.
I transferred the money accordingly to the Paypall system requirements from my German- to my French Paypall account.
Then the problems started
1) PayPall France charged me with an extra fee of 3.4% for just money transfer from My Paypall Konto in Germany to France. This is not allowed accordingly to the European Law for cross border money transfer between banks.
2) I registered a complaint with Paypall Germany. They reacted promptly by saying that in the EU union area the fee for receiving money is 1.9% for euro receiving money transfers. But they cannot transfer the money from German to French Paypall account without fees. I have to contact Paypall France for that.
3) So I registered a complaint with Paypall France. This is not possible in English!!!! You have to set your language settings to Francais to pose a complaint against Paypall in France, that in Europe 2011!!!! Unbelievable for a Global/European company like Paypall. So after doing all this work I could finaly register the complaint.
4) Prompt a nice girl phoned me. She explained that complaints in France can only be handled in the French Language. Secondly she said that in France you can transfer money WITHOUT FEE from your Paypall account to another Paypall account of a friend!!!. So I asked here ""if that is possible I would expect that transfer from my Paypall account in Germany to my Paypall account in France should be treated the same way"". She said to ask that question to Paypall in Germany!!!! When I asked her to sort that out with her counterparet of Paypall Germany or Europe she replied firmly that I have to do that. Then I asked here for a contact in the Paypall Europe organisation to resolve this simple issue quickly. She was not willing to give me a contact. She promised to reply my complaint with an E-mail.
Sofar the sad story, but now the issues you will get if above is true
1) Paypall Europe is not acting as per the EU commission instructions/regulations with respect to money transfer crossborder in EU union.
2) Paypall Europe procedures are different in all the EU union countries, while the slogan of Paypall Europe do you believe it is the opposite.
Hope this case will be resolved and help Paypall Europe forward

Kindest Regards

Leendert van Hellemond


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