Paypal Caused Overdraft Charges


Here is what happened, 1-11-12 paypal puts hold $749. on my (the sellers) account because two out of three parcels I mailed out arrived at buyers warehouse and buyer made a case on one parcel even though based on the tracking number you can see the third box is in transit. I am put in a negative balance of "approx" $270. I was unable to make up the money for the account. Today 1-12-12 Paypal decides to go into my checking account and make out an echeck for the difference even though I have only $10 at this moment. This will cause a ripple effect since I will now have overdraft charges. I have survived 12 years + on ebay and have witnessed many wrongs at my expence even though I am an outstanding member ebay and paypal do not care if I go out of biz or struggle. They treat the members like their business is a revolving door, one may go out but while one goes out, one also comes in, new blood. I need a good alternative that does not cost too much in fees then I would love to join the masses and rush the doors on the way out.


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