PayPal Buyer Committed Fraud

I am the owner of a small business in Virginia.  Recently we processed a credit card sale through PayPal virtual terminal.  As it turns out the customer was committing fraud.  PayPal notified us of the fraud investigation case by the bank then removed the funds from our account.  Subsequently they returned the funds to our account and we shipped the goods to the customer in Singapore.  We provided additional details to support what we thought was a legitimate sale at their request.  The final decision of the credit card company was that the charge was fraudulent and the funds were removed from our account.  At no time did we receive precise details of the banks investigation, the nature of the case or even the name of the bank.  We have no idea how the bank decided the case all we know is that we are now out $6,350 minus the cost of the goods and shipping.  We would like to explore our legal options for recovering the funds and possibly damages from PayPal.


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