PayPal Business Practices are CRAZY!

Ok. I am unverified. EVERY sale I make through eBay is held for 14 days. A guy buys a piston. He writes me after 2 weeks and says I sent him the wrong piston and he wants his money back, then he'll return the piston. I escalate. PayPal (in the meantime), takes the money from his payment for their fees. They find in his favor, and now I have to come up with the money to pay him back. Another guy, I was just pissed and didn't send the item. They bounce my PP account, and now won't let me spend my eBay Bucks until the balance is paid. Does this make sense. Are eBay Bucks conditional? I spend about $900 on eBay and had $30 in Bucks. Another time, I bought through a fraudulent site and paypal gave them the money, and another time, I bought software which was fake and paypal gave them over $300 because "you got the item". Yeah! I GOT A FAKE POS I CAN'T USE! They didn't care. They gave him my $300 +. PayPal is bullshit. Someone should come up with another way eBay buyers can pay for
stuff. Being eBay owns PayPal, that won't happen.


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