PayPal And eBay Two Names For Same Crook

6 years ago someone bought coins from me on Ebay and reversed the charge. I called a lawyer and he said to not pay the negative balance. Paypal refused to tell me who did it or what happened but it seemed they knew information they would not give me. It froze my Paypal account but I could still use Ebay. 3 years later I had a bunch of silver on Ebay, I made the mistake of contacting paypal-- 3 days later they froze 30,000 worth of auctions I had on Ebay. I couldnt contact the buyers. They even cancelled auctions I won on Ebay as a buyer. To Paypal I am the crimminal  and the people who caused this dont seem to matter. I did finally pay the negative balance just recently, I will soon find out if I can get on Ebay again.


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