PayPal Account Shut Down


I had 1551 feedback..100% rating...over Christmas i sold 100 items on ebay to help with Xmas expences...I was amazed when someone put in a claim to ebay, because they had not received their item..only 2 days had passed since end of auction and post was slower...somehow all the sales since 17th Nov vanished from my ebay listings...yet i was getting feedback for some of the items....then paypal decided to refund 23 of my customers 1 day after auction end..I sent proof of posting..proof of identity and proof of cut a long and very expensive story short...Not only did i lose all the items I sold..I have a paypal bill for cost of item sold, postage and return postage, on each item...My abay account is active and very high standards and performance levels...yet paypal terminated my account..for their mistake...i was crying and very upset on the phone..I was told its no use sobbing and making a scene we at paypal can terminate anyones account when we like, and without having to explain..I am gutted..I very quickly stopped the direct debits from paypal at my bank..but had already lost £ goods its in the hundreds...and then there is the refunds....Need I say more...My Christmas was ruined..I am so stressed..This should never happen to anyone...Sandie Macgregor


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