PayPal Account Frozen Several Times


hello screw - paypal team,
my friend has told me about this site. my account was frozen for several times and now its being limited for ever. and before selling i have get permission from paypal. suddently one day my account was frozen and asked my private information like driving license and etc. after sending all the data, my account get normal. but just after 1 day of sending, my account got limited forever stating that 'some of your last paypal transaction is not with our terms and condition'. i don't know which trasaction they are talking about. i have used my paypal for my free lancing work, for selling digital goods, and filehosting services (liching site, accepts donations).
thanks god that i am from india, and indian users get their fund daily at their bank account day to day automatically and i doesn't have any fund in it.
but still paypal has harm my feelings and now i can't create any account to the site.
i want to create one for my official use. but i can't.

so, i am really in need of help.

thanks for your time. and its gr8 that ppl like you had created something to help out ppl from this paypal mud.



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