Paypal Account Frozen After 2 Years


My paypal account has been frozen with USD6000.00++ in the account after I've been successfully selling on ebay using paypal for more than 2 years. I've made more than 4000 transactions via paypal and out of sudden my funds have been frozen without any solid proof by paypal. Within these 2 years time I've been selling the same type of items and have never faced any issues with paypal but suddenly I've been asserted for selling counterfeit items just by relying on 2 disputes opened on paypal by 2 person that are believed to have known each other since according to the address they are staying near to another. When I informed paypal that I suspected this is kinda sabotage, they requested me to provide authentic documentation of my products so that they can fight for my account. Though I was still not quite happy for the fact that paypal only depend on those 2 disputes and used that as reason for my account to be permanently blocked whereby I have a lot of feedbacks from buyers saying that my products are genuine. Why didn't paypal count that into their assessment, why just relied on those 2 potential subvert opened case claiming my items are fake.


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