Paypal Is A Terrorist Organization

Hey. Just posting a nice complaint about paypal. Now I know you know paypal sucks, but this is just ridiculous for what happened to me. So, my account got limited because my dad and I have the same name, I'm a JR, he's a SR. I got into it with the PayPal representative telling them that Im a jr and my dads a SR, it took them a month to realize that our last 4 of our social security were different. So after I cleared that up, they said my account is to high risk!

I make gfx, edit movies, and sell virtual stuff on the side from time to time, "Intangible Goods." Now, there's about 1,600 usd$ in the frozen PayPal account that they said I MIGHT be able to get back within 180 days. And that they'll let me know in 180 days. So I mentioned that I ship off for deployment, afghan on May, 16, 2011 for 8 months. She said, I don't care what your doing, you have to wait 180 days. So I said well I won't be able to contact you guys in 180 days. She said, that's to bad, that was your decision.

What kind of respect is that? So yeah... PayPal= terrorist? I believe so.



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