Paypal Is A Corrupt Organization

     I am somewhat amazed at the Paypal complaints.  Everyone wants their money back, and they are lead to believe since paypal is so big they cannot do anything about it.  This is where they are wrong.

     Paypal is a corrupt organization involved in a massivei racketerrring scam.  It only takes two letters, emails, or phone calls to raise a racketerring claim, or a combination of any of these two.

     Under the RICO statues,every person is entitled to three times the damages.  In other words if Paypal holds 1000.00, they are entitled to 3000 in damages.

     Before I forget, the number one reason why so many paypal customers have been ripped off by Paypal is because they fail to sue under RICO statues. Any suit against Paypal under RICO will send a wake up call to Paypal, but the suit needs to be initiated in federal courts, not state courts.

     Keep in mind once an electronic transfer took place whether it is a payment or a stamp, they fall under federal jurisdiction.

Just my thoughts.



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