Paypal Facilitates Theft

PayPal sucks! It is a monopoly! The FEDS should move in on them! Whenever you have a dispute with a buyer, the buyer always wins. PayPal is helping facilitate theft by telling the seller we have the money for you and ship the item. Then the scammer on ebay gets the item as described and are happy with it but they say they are not. Guess what? PayPal gives them their money back and you are screwed. Sounds like theft by deception, but I think they call it funds being held. Total BS!

Ebay on the other hand does not give a shit about their sellers that pay them astronomical fees! I am paying between $2,000 and $3,000 thousand dollars a month in fees, and whenever I have a problem with either one of these companies that are in bed with each other your screwed. It is like trying to get a fair trial in a small town against a local boy that went to school with the judge and the jury, and you are the outsider!

John Dame



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