Paypal Are Soulless Thieves

 Forgive me if this is difficult to follow. I am still irate, and short on time to type...

I purchased items through a major electronics store online, and used PayPal to fund it through an immediate transfer from my bank account. I received confirmation from the store of my order, a thank you, and a confirmation from PayPal of the purchase.
 Minutes later I received another email from the store, stating the item were not at the store after all. I called the store and was told that one of my options was to cancel the order and try another store, so I did. I canceled the order through the store website, and logged into my bank to check that the funds had not been taken yet, they had not. I received an email from PayPal stating I had received a REFUND from the store. (PayPal pays the store, gets money from my this case, the refund was issued to PayPal before they took the money from my bank)
 I re-placed the order with different shipping options and minutes later received another email thanking me for my order, and from PayPal confirming my order.
The charge came through my bank account and bounced it because I didn't get the deposit in soon enough. Ok, I'll pay the bounce fees to the bank because the order is now paid for, my deposit is in the bank, store is shipping my items, all is well.
 2 days later PayPal charges my account a second time for the order amount and my account bounces again. PayPal charges me a NSF fee. The bank refunds the fee as a one time courtesy after hearing my issue.
7 days later, another charge goes through for the same amount of my order, and bounces my checking account AGAIN. Another bank fee. The bank says they don't know why PayPal keeps charging me for the same order, over & over again but they aren't refunding me anymore money since this isn't a bank error. I call PayPal and am on the phone 30 minutes while they tell me that just because I clicked the cancel order button, it doesn't cancel the order. I argue that it's called a CANCEL button for that very reason! They tell me that in the future I should have enough money to cover the order to begin with. I argue that I PAID for the order and they were charging me double.
They argue that it's an immediate transfer and they can't stop it once it's sent. They front the money to pay for the order, then they wait for my bank to pay them back. In cases of refunds, they from the money for the sale, they take it out of my bank, and then they wait for the refund to come back from the store, and place it in my PayPal account....each transfer taking it's own 3-5 days! Let's not forget the refund was IMMEDIATE, and was listed in my PayPal account before I placed the re-order.
> I am down $30 because PayPal stole $378.13 from my bank account on a CANCELLED order. I was told that there's nothing that can be done, and they were not refunding me the bank fees because they didn't charge me, the bank did. HOWEVER, my BANK refunded me the PayPal NSF fee.
PayPal employees are trained to be soulless and cruel thieves. The company needs to held accountable.




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