Paypal Are Little Hitlers

I found a product I could sell direct from source, traded for 2 weeks on ebay and was shut down until I could provide proof of ownership. Although I sent invoices they said they wanted photographs of me with the items I had sold ............ I had been very calm and collected up to that point, but it was 2 weeks down the line and they still hadn't said what I had done wrong. So I bit and 10 mins later I was no longer a registered user of Ebay and my paypal account was frozen for 180 days.

I have been looking after my customers religiously - mailing them, sending their tracking codes by mail because I can't via ebay, and these little Hitlers really believe what they are doing is in my customers' best interest? They have scared them to the point where they are likely to ask for refunds regardless of whether their goods are on the way or not. This is how the media brought down the banks.

Fiona Sumner


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