Outright Thievery By Paypal

On September 13, 2011, following a limitation being placed on his account, this complainant was instructed by PayPal to change his password and security question and answer. After doing so he noticed that the limitation still had not been lifted. The reason given was that the telephone number needed to be verified.

Since the complainant could not verify his own telephone number, which has been the same since establishing the account, he assumed that PayPal would place a call to complete the verification process. By September 23, 2011, when he noticed that the limitation had not been lifted and that telephone verification was still being used as an excuse, he completed a PayPal Web Form complaining that he was being denied access to the funds in his account despite his cooperation in attempting to lift the limitation and without being given a rational explanation as to why the limitation on the account remained in effect. Rather than address the specific issues concerning the limitation, PayPal sent out a Survey/Questionnaire for him to complete. Despite filing both the Web Form and the Survey with enough information to identify and address the problems surrounding the limitation on the account, PayPal still has not lifted the limitation or provided an explanation as to why not.

By October 3, 2011, the complainant filed complaints with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau. To date, PayPal still has the limitation in effect and has not provided an explanation for its inaction or for failing to address the two pending complaints. PayPal must be in dire financial straights if it has to stoop to denying access to the funds in its subscriber's accounts. Any existing or prospective subscriber should be aware of such scams and attempts at outright thievery by PayPal.

Miles Williams


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