Not Safe For Sellers

Hi, Just to let you all know paypal is a joke its not safe for the seller it maybe for the buyer as long as the buyers not using a stolen credit cards or paypal account as mine did,
I had an email from paypal telling me that my account had being credited with xxx amount of euros for an order and that they had verified the order so would i ship as soon as possible shipped the order, then next day 500 euros appears in my account sent as a gift, so i mthought this is wrong as there was no order with it paypal then confirmed that the money was ok and in my account i left it there, then the buyer of the first order complains he hasn’t received the goods done this within 3 days of the order , we then get conformation from DHL that the buyer has signed for the goods the same day but paypal refuse to release the money even though that have the email and tracking number from DHL then they freeze my account and my bank cards and inform me to refund the 500 euros which im happy to do but my bank account is frozen so i cant do this after lots of email asking them to free my account and put the first order money which the client has received the good back so i can then make the refund no joy have given then my phone number ect this is now the second time paypal have done this to me so as a buyer ok your safe but as a seller your screwed dont use paypal to sell things on internet.


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