Not Easy For New Sellers

So I jumped through all ebays hopps for new sellers.. played by their rules and allowed my funds to be frozen ( like I had a choice other than simply refund the money, which I did do many times before I just gave up ) and waited to get them released after shipping out my goods.. my only consolation being they released enough money to cover shipping. After of course both ebay and Paypal BOTH take out money for SHIPPING FINAL VALUE FEES.. can you believe that?  So after all that crap.. I get two transactions through with no holds.. then wham. A message across my paypal account home page. FROM NOW ON ALL FUNDS YOU RECIEVE WILL BE HELD... !!!!!!  I was livid. I called and called and got no where until one nasty paypal rep said ebay puts on a hold, and while the ebay hold is in effect paypal can't hold your money. So as soon as they see the ebay hold is gone they clamp down with their own. Well  we all know ebay and paypal are one and the same.People are sheep.. and ebay and Paypal feed them the Koolaid.


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