Not Allowed To Contact Seller

When I tried to contact a seller, I used the normal procedure, but after selecting Topic "Other" and clicking CONTINUE button, instead of the contact message form, I got an "error" message stating:

"We're sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. Unfortunately, this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing."

This message is MISLEADING -- it is NOT true that the seller is "UNABLE to respond to your question"  -- they certainly are ABLE to do so -- but they have chosen NOT to allow ebay users to ask them any questions.

You can ONLY contact this seller AFTER you have made a purchase from them.  

But I suspect that this is only one of probably MANY sellers who have turned off incoming buyer message capability, THANKS TO EBAY'S ALLOWING THEM TO DO THIS!!!)

WITH THIS POLICY, EBAY is  *** ENABLING *** dishonest seller practices, enabling them to trick users into buying things which they would not have bought had they been able to ask questions prior to purchase.  


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