No Vacation Selling On eBay

I was scammed out of an item by an ebay buyer. He claimed I never sent this item. I was leaving for vacation in a couple of days. I was emailed by the scammer that he needed my tracking #. I never sent it (that was the problem) instead I had sent the ebayer info. that told him when it arrived and who signed for it. I figured that was it, I was done. After that we went on vacation for a couple of weeks. During that time PayPal tried to contact me but we were off the grid - not able to use nor did we want to use computers.
The scammer filed a fraudulent case against me claiming that I never sent him the item. PayPal then in the 10 days per their contract claims that since I did not contact them that the case was closed and I Owe them $303.00. End of story no negotiating. I have proof we were on vacation and that the item in fact was received and signed for. all I get is the run around from the idiots that call me. I owe them the money per the contract - that's all they ever say. I say screw that I am the victim.


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