No Info On Why Account Was Limited

I sold a phone on ebay. Paypal put a stop on the account and said that I needed to provide proof of purchase and proof that I posted the phone. I therefore uploaded the tracking number to pay pal and the phone has been delivered as confirmed by Royal Mail. And I faxed paypal proof of purchase, after calling paypal they fobbed me off by saying that they were waiting for the buyer to confirm he had received the phone and that the limitation would be took off my account. I scanned the receipt into them and the called back literally 10 mins later. They said on the phone oh we have just sent you an email 5 mins ago saying your account is permanently limited and you have to wait 180 days to get your money back. I did exactly what they asked and they still put a stop on my account I am absolutely furious!!!! And to this off they will not give me a reason why!


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