Negative Review For PayPal


1. They have cancelled my credit card linked to my sellers account for no reason and no way to contact them to find out why.
2. They held a buyers funds for no reason and my consequent contact with the buyer of my product cannot uderstand why but Paypal dont want to resolve the issue.
3. Trying to use their help line and find an email address or phone number is impossible, you have to jump through hoops on a "Help?" page that wont allow you to enter anything in the question field, Wont give you a phone number, wont give an email address and only answers some basic canned questions.
This problem has happened to me on 3 occasions now.
4. In the last week 3 of my customers has written emails to me saying they cant pay because Paypal is "Having Problems" and they can get through to the payment portal
...Very bad in more ways than just non contact


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