My Money Is Not Being Released


We have had our ebay funds help now for 10 days. They have released some, after we waited for the items to be delivered and then an additional 4 days (and COUNTLESS phone calls to Ebay telling them to release my money!!!), even though it was suppose to be 3 days. They first told me it was due to seller performance, but then I was told it was due to being behind in paying our Ebay fees. I understand, I owe Ebay their money, but they never said they were gonna do this and it took many phone calls and 8 days before thye said this was the reason! I could have been working on getting them their money! I search thru their website, it never specifies what they would do if you owe them fees. AND it doesn't say that one of the reasons for having your money on hold is due to Ebay fee payment. I know I am at fault for paying them, but they are sneeky and liars! I had numerous "customer service reps" lie to me, hang up on me, put me on hold forever and just not help me at all. I don't trust Ebay AT ALL! But, I haven't heard anything better about Amazon! i wish I could get people to my website, and I do, but Ebay brings me many clients! I could go on about other things Ebay has done to me, but this takes the cake! I have .24 available and $1 in my wallet. I have 2 little boys and cannot afford anything right now. I have no idea what the heck is gonna happen. I'm scared!


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