My Funds Are On Hold


I've been an experienced eBay/PayPal user, since 2003.  I have done everything right and have never had any negative feedback, with a 100% rating.

Out of the blue, PayPal suddenly put my eBay transactions into a holding pattern.  With feedback or 20 days of holding my hard-earned money, as the only way to release it.  Some eBay users never leave feedback, so having to wait to get your money released, has become a hassle and slowed my commerce, hence less sales on eBay. I've put more work into boosting my company website and pushing my sales that direction. 

PayPal customer service cannot come up with a good reason for placing holds on my money.  The canned responses are a waste of time, completely irritating and an insult to my intellect.  

It's come to the point, where I'm nearly ready to start contacting PayPal and eBay's CEOs directly, by mail, email and telephone.  

I've always known with big companies, when you contact the company CEO directly, your concerns get respected and resolved.  Having a lot of balls, it has worked time and again.  I suppose it's time to work directly with the CEOs of the eBay/PayPal family.  Since, "corporations are people too", it's important to deal with those whom control the "corporate" brain.  It's the only way to get anything done in America.  Even calling a CEO at home in the evening, is acceptable, since they are completely responsible for the company's dealings or actions.

It was much easier when the world was run by small business and owners or managers were directly faced by the public.

A concern I have about PayPal putting holds on funds it collects for sellers, is that the hidden reason for holding your money, is to generate more income by collecting interest on YOUR money.  I conclude, this is a very real concern, as it's probably done at random to thousands or millions of people.  This PayPal scheme must make billions alone. 


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