Loss On Watched And Cell Phones

OK then here goes;
I started using ebay and paypal about 7 years ago. Now it's they that are using me!

I had no real problems for all this time until the last 3 or 4 weeks. Living on social security, like many others, I decided that I was going to give a big effort to making some extra money with the garage sale mentality. I hadn't done anything on Ebay for a couple of years but right away the whole thing just felt different. After a couple profitable sales I was awarded a "BLUE STAR" for completing my 50th transaction. WOW - ME a BLUE STAR!
My story is small potatoes compared to others so I'll try to humor you some as I go ok? Looking for things to sell for a profit I was excited to get a small box of used watches at a yard sale for $5. I bought a strip of 10 #377 watch batteries on Ebay for $1. Pay attention here cause this part is just a story to show how this E-PAL crap can affect one's mental health. In the box of shiny non-working watches one stood up and got my attention. I had never heard of "TAG HEUER" B4, but this watch had a look and feel of quality that the others couldn't match. I found that the model I had sold for $500 on Ebay so I figured it was a replica. I bought a watch tool on ebay for another $5 and finally got it yesterday. Last night, (11/15/11) after much effort, I was able to remove the back and behold - the guts of the TAG were shining, a stunning, sparkling, glistening GOLD that was so bright and beautiful I had to put my dollar store shades on to look at it. Yes my friends I have scored what all ebayers only dream of - an authentic LUXURY divers watch with 7 jewels and a value of - well we'll see. No matter cause I will give it to my son in Maui who dives for treasures in some secret places where the rich lose their valuables.

OK - I told that story to show how this nasty, greedy company can steal one's excitement, enthusiasm, and happiness not to mention $$$ with these malicious policies they invented in recent times. 
The first watch I sold was for $5 plus $10 shipping and handling. So I attempt to print a shipping label only to have PAYPAL prevent it because of lack of funds. HMMM - being the nice guy I am I drive to the post office and hand ship the watch to the buyer. I get home and call PAYPAL support and am told that they are "HOLDING" the funds for buyer protection. I had never heard of this and in my previous 50 transactions the funds were available to me when the buyer paid. I argued that the buyer had paid $10 for S&H and that at least that part was specifically intended for that purpose and they had no right to take his money for that purpose and then hinder and prevent the shipping process from happening. The phone rep decided to release the funds "JUST THIS ONCE" and advised me that PAYPAL could do this in the BUYER PROTECTION interest. I argued that the buyer paid for shipping not for protection and non-shipping. 
About 3 weeks ago i listed for auction 3 Nokia phones that were all my previous T-mobile cell phones, upgrades over several years. The "bundle" listing included the phones, chargers, cases, headsets, extra batteries, and 2 INACTIVE SIM cards. I posted the auction with a single photo edited with labels on each item and wrote a rather long and very accurate description of everything. Also, I stated that the phones all worked but that an activated Tmobile SIM card and account was imperative for them to work properly. Unfortunately for me, the winning bidder was a guy that buys locked phones, then tampers with the security features installed by the manufacturer for the carrier so they are T-MOBILE specific. The bundle was packed and shipped in a small flat-rate box by my wife. I checked it out and i was sure everything was safe to ship. After receiving the bundle this buyer tells me that 2 of the 3 phones were broken. To get to the point  He was allowed to say on the feedback forum that I was a "HORRIBLE PERSON AND A LIAR". How can EBAY allow for these slanderous remarks? I was then rewarded by EBAY With the option of leaving positive feeback for the buyer or none at all. Plus I am out the phones and stuff and the money sits in limbo somewhere while they take their sweet-ass time to decide who the "LIAR" is. 
Next as the buyer of a bracelet for my daughter, my funds for the item plus S&H are gone from my acct. A whole week after this seller marks the item as "SHIPPED" I contact them to find out that it was not shipped and they did not even have the one-of-a-kind bracelet. Again that money sits in limbo and Ebay girl tells me it's OK for seller to mark as shipped and never actually even have the item and my money is in cyberspace along with millions of other dollars and pounds and pesos - these bastards are out of line and this forum is probably part of the EBAY_PAYPAL Empire. Why does this go on? 


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