Item Not As Described


I set an auction up for a dvd workout disc. I took the picture and had the name included as one disc. The buyer won and paid for it and then the fun begins. E-mail for item not as described. She thought she bought a whole set. NO she bought a dvd. So she called and told them this was not as described because  she ASSUMED it was a set and NOWHERE in the auction did it state that. Not to mention the fact there were no ????'s asked. They sided with her because I said item was NEW as in I NEVER USED IT and it was not sent in it's original packaging to her. NOT for her reasoning that she assumed it was a set and the auction clearly stated DVD and NEVER asked any??'s. Ebay nor Paypal never inquired any other info from me just took the buyers side. This was a gift and four of the dvd's were damaged so I decided to sell the others. Simple right. NOPE!!

As of yet no money and NO dvd returned...


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