Item Damaged By Buyer


The first reason I hate pay pal is because I find anti-democratic that ebay makes the use of pay pal compulsory, even for sellers such as myself, (qualified as Top Seller). 

As a bad experience with pay pal, I can tell you I sold a classic motorbike headlight shell last year. After a couple of days, the buyer contacts me saying the shell was for a US rather than for am European model. After 14 years of having three of thos bikes, I knew perfectly well the shells were the same besides the colour (that the buyer had seen in the ebay photo). However, I replied "No problem, send me the item back and as soon as I check that is in good condition as I sent it to you, I will reimburse". The buyer opens a pay pal reclame straight away...and four days later pay pal says he's right and gives him the full amount back...The day after, I received the shell back, dented in three different parts!! As I'd sent the object in perfect state, and had also witnesses, I went to the local Police Station ("Carabinieri", since I'm Italian and live in Italy) and denounced the facts. Then I called pay pal and send them a fax with my declaration to the Carabinieri. Pay pal gave me half of the money back, I lost time and money in petrol going back and  forth (more then $6 per gallon, here in Italy!) and now I have a dented therefore almost impossible to sell headlight shell.

Thank you for listening.



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