It Was All Good Until It Went BAD


I have been a paypal and ebay user for over 4 years and up until now i have been a successful seller and paid my fees on both sides for many years without reaching a negative balance. I was asked to provide documents to proof my existence on paypal, which i believe was quite a liberty to be honest as i had been with this company for many years and no issues were raised. Now i am being treated like a thief and a criminal. I provided the correct information but at  the time i had another paypal account that was also being regularly used, so i decided to send information to both, one got verified and the other was put in limitation. I have appealed this decision but they fail to explain why i am such a threat. They have £700 of my money and i am currently speaking to the financial  ombudsman to discuss and resolve any loss of earnings i have occurred since my account was frozen, i am now using another paypal account in someone else’s name as they have only recently frozen the other account after i questioned there judgment. This company doesn't know what the other hand is doing. They do not realize what damage they are doing to small business's and the general people who wish to sell to make a living. If there was other methods of payment i would use them instead.


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