It Is Hard To Please PayPal


While it may sound trivial and small, PPs rules, which they seem to pull out of their **s at any given step in the first two weeks of me signing up, I am left to wait more than 3 weeks to withdraw my funds while they can happily do with my money as they please.

I now have to send out physical disks for my digital photo-stock, to have some sort of tracking, so I can please the PP-Gods that I don't launder money?!

Paypal's egregious limitations for my very small business leave me wondering if getting an actual CC processing company with their fees isn't a much better idea.

I wonder what's next. Can't wait to see what PP comes up with to tell me that my funds are held for 6 months. Grrrr

BTW, just like egregious taxes, such business burden is added to the final purchase price.


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