It Happened To Me And It Can Happen To You

aaahhhhh PayPal....

 After Selling more than 15 Items on Ebay, and getting my Funds Instantly..PayPal decided to hold my Funds for 21 to 25 Days, when they receive them (payments for selling an item) INSTANTLY.
   This was done because of a Tracking Number, that I did not use on one Item, and the Buyer said he never received the Item, but the Buyer new it went out First Class Mail with a Return Address, instead of Priorty Mail...How would he know that if he did not receive the item ?? Today October 20,2011, PayPal still returned the Funds to the Buyer, after I showed them this.
HERE THE THING...PayPal is HOLDING $54.80, of my Funds, until they decide to release me...BUT...they want me to give them a Credit/Debit Card Number so they can get re-paid from refunding $36.01, to the Buyer..that PayPal gave back to him, today, leaving me a balance of $18.79...BUT PayPal will not do it that way...their HOLDING $54.80 of my Funds that they received they want a Credit/Debit Card so they can get repaid.....
  I also have PROOF, right from PayPal, there  so called SECURED ACCOUNT was broken into 3 time in the past year, with names, E-Mail Addresses, and my Security Questions where also Changed...right from PayPal....and NOTHING was done about it...except they told me to change my Password on all my sites, including, AOL, My Bank, Ebay, PayPal, and any other Site that I use, needing a Passwork to get into.
  Three years ago some-one also broke into my Ebay/PayPal Account, and under my Name, was selling a Car in England, I also have PROOF of that as well, and like usually Ebay/Paypal....are smooth talker and weeseled their way out of that as well as this last one.
    So, in Conclusion...I'm completly done with Ebay/Paypal...they will never get a Credit/Debit Card number from me...they can keep the $18.79, to use to SCEAM/SCREW more People, out of their Fund/Money....bad way to put it..but thats what really happens..and if you think this just happened to me...THINK Again


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