iPhone4 Returned Not Getting Refund


I am writing in regards to the fact that PayPal is not assisting me in terms of obtaining a refund, they sent me an email advising me about the buyer protection information but I did not recall any of the emails that was sent to me because my email address was not working and I did explain it to them and so that is why I had to change my email address.
They are not assisting me with the dispute in regards to me getting my money back and because of that I am out of pocket for two-hundred and fifty six Australian dollars. Buyer protection, what is that? When I spoke to the resolutions people they told me that because I did not use the buyer protection at the time of filing that complaint there was nothing that they could do.
I really want my money back! I paid for an Iphone4 from a company called Laptop Aid and I had to send it back due to the fact that it was an incorrect phone.
Twice I returned the phone back to the company and because of that I sent the phone back and it was very expensive shipping it from Australia, I enclosed the postage and handling receipt with the item.
The Ebay item number is: #370535911145 and the item number is: Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black BROKEN Verizon for Parts #370535911145
Here is the information from PayPal:
I did apologies to the company if there was any misunderstanding and twice I had to return the phone back to them. They have the phone now but I still do not have my money. I feel that PayPal needs to change their policy in regards to the buyer protection claim it really is rigid, if a buyer forgets to use that method of payment than they can easily forfeit their money not really fair if you ask me. Not to mention that I have not received the emails because of my email address not working.
Here is a copy of the transaction that I did with Laptop Aid back on the 01/09/2011 Charge from Credit Card: Credit Card AUD 248.55 0.00 248.55
ID: 71288619NH3811240

I really want to get my money back if possible (All up it was actually $256.00 that I paid, with the conversion rates added to it. The resolutions department of PayPal stated that there was nothing that they could do for me and so really I do not know what else to do.
I have corresponded with Laptop Aid and we are working things out but even if this does get resolved I still want to put in a complaint with PayPal in regards to this matter.


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