iPad2 Sold On eBay Horror Story


So earlier this year when the iPad 2 came out, i decided to go ahead and try to get my hands on one to sell it for some profit. I'm a college student and was definitely looking for an easy way to make an extra buck to pay for some bills. Anyways i sold the item on eBay to a buyer in Montreal, Canada for $999. So i sent the item via UPS with a tracking number. I was told by UPS rep at the store that it would deliver in 3-4 business days. A week went by and i consistently checked on the status of the shipment and couldn't figure out from the website why it hadn't delivered yet. I gave UPS a call and found out that it was being held at customs. It eventually cleared customs and went on for shipment. Another week went by and still the item had not been delivered. I called UPS again and they said that the receiver was refusing shipment. Meanwhile i was emailing the buyer 1-2 times a day to ask him what the heck was going on. Eventually UPS was forced to send the item back to me after 3 delivery attempts.
A couple days after receiving the shipment the buyer contacts me saying why his item hadn't been delivered. He goes on to deny refusing any shipments and asks that i resend it as a gift. I knew this buyer purposefully refused shipments because of customs charges, which i clearly stated in the auction that i was not responsible for. Instead of refunding him, i decided id pay out of pocket to reship it. So i reshipped it as a gift and he received it a week later.
2 weeks go by and PayPal contacts me saying that a chargeback has been issued from the credit card company the buyer used to purchase the item, saying he had never received it. I went to the resolution page and submitted the details of what happened and provided tracking numbers for both shipments. PayPal released the hold and i quickly went ahead and deposited the funds into my bank account. A week later the credit company reopens the case and automatically makes a decision in support of the buyer, saying the buyer never received the item because the shipment was sent back to the sender. I contacted PayPal right away asking them why the credit company didnt check the second tracking number. They nudged me away saying that we do not fight bank decisions and do not reopen cases. WTF!!!!! They go on to further say that i should file a claim with my local court. I'm going nuts asking the guy if he understands how stupid this decision was considering the second tracking number clearly states the item was shipped.  Now my account is negative $1019, which includes the sale price of $999 and a $20 chargeback fee.
So now they call me every day or so and ask for payment to return my balance to zero. I went ahead and blocked PayPal transactions from my bank account and cancelled all credit/debit cards listed in PayPal. I went even further to file identity fraud to block them from trying to go to a collection agency.
I haven't payed the funds and my balance still remains -$1,019.00. I blocked the phone number PayPal calls from, and now am just telling my story of how PayPal totally screws people over. It was a simple transaction and an easy case to fight, but nope. The bank doesn't even look at the second tracking number and makes a decision. PayPal says nothing when the proof is right there and now they harasses me on a daily basis. Absolutely pathetic.


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