Internet Theft Victim Via Paypal

     I am a victim of internet theft. Paypal has taken over 7,200.00 over less than 3 yr., and I have never authorized this, any of them. Someone got my visa/debit card that comes out of my checking account, and I have never looked at a statement until my bank blocked my card for suspious activity.

     I have never authorized any of these. I am guilty of being stupid and trusting, thinking that a bank could never make a mistake. I despertly need help to get this money back. I have 3 kids and we've been going without things while paypal and some ass is overdrawing my account and sticking me with unsufficent fund fees.

     I have filed a police report, and they will have the name and address of the persons that are responsible for the charges but are not very promising with getting any results or my money back.

 Please help me

Heidi Loznak


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