Impossible To Access My Money


I'm not a frequent eBay buyer/seller. i average about 4 or 5 eBay buys a year, and maybe sell about 14 things in that amount of time (books/pedals).
i've got 100% positive feedback and have never had an issue w/ another eBay person.
still, yesterday i get an e-mail from Paypal that essentially reads:

[i]hey congrats. we just put the $ that you received from a sale into your "pending" account. we'll make it impossible for you to access YOUR money for
up to 21 days. we won't elaborate on WHY, we're just going to do it. to prevent this stuff from happening, make sure you ship your item and receive prompt
F you,


So i call them last night and it's supposedly a random act designed to screen "new" or "infrequent" eBay sellers. it's not punishment and it's not because of anything i've done wrong.
instead it's simply a way for Paypal "to enhance security and make sure sellers are who they say they are". all of this according to the gal on the phone.
So now all of my priority shipping for 3 pedals must come out-of-pocket and my own $ will be held for up to 21 days, "but more like 3 or 4 days after your buyer receives the item".
WTFBBQ. it's a real disincentive to have Paypal cockblock my dealings for no apparent reasons. even the girl on the phone said it's happened to her before and she had to keep up the good feedback - i told her i've never had a problem. she said "yeah, it's not your fault and you're not being punished."  i told her, "well, it seems that i am."
I wish there was a REAL and POPULAR alternative to using Paypal (and even eBay for that matter). this kind of stuff is something i would expect to come out of Washington, not a huge business.


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