I Win Take That Paypal


I am just a regular guy, not even much of an ebayer, but I sold 2 guitars that were purchased by middle eastern guys. These guys paid lots of money for the guitars and the moment they arrive they claimed all sorts of fictions damage to the instruments and called me a fraud. Ebay immediately took my funds and gave it back to the first guy. The first guy sent back my guitar stripped of parts. I told ebay and they didn't even write back. I figured out the scam and sent the second guitar AFTER I withdrew my paypal funds.  He did the same thing claiming it was a junk guitar (it was a gorgeous Les Paul 1991) and told my paypal would refund him and I will be screwed. I sent paypal his emails telling me how his scam works. They didn't care they tried to refund him just like he said they would. But SNAP! I had closed my bank account with the funds and reported my credit card stolen. Now paypal demands I give them money to restore to him Fuck off paypal! I WIN!


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