I Pay eBay With Paypal


I pay my ebay fees using my paypal balance. i.e. I sell on ebay, customers pay with
paypal and I pay my ebay fees with that paypal balance. This arrangement is
acceptable to me.

Every now and again, when not enough customers pay using paypal, my paypal balance
is insufficient to pay the ebay fees and I have to ask a family member to transfer some paypal to top up my balance.
Ebay always gets paid, and I have paid plenty of money to ebay over the years for
their advertising service.

Recently ebay put my account "on hold" because I was late paying my fees, and my
automatic payment method was removed by ebay. Now I am blocked from selling and ebay is insisting on automatic payments but when I try to select paypal as the automatic payment method the paypal web site is demanding a funding source. Credit card or direct debit arrangements are not acceptable payment options for me. I am happy to pay by legal tender, and by paypal but without it being any business of ebay whether or not I have in my paypal account a funding source such as a credit card or direct debit bank transfer. Aside from having a long payment history with ebay which apparently counts for nothing, currently I have in fact overpaid ebay and yet am still blocked from using their service on account of this ludicrous policy.
- ebay insists sellers use automatic payments for fees, then
- ebay offers credit card, direct debit or paypal, BUT if you try to choose paypal...
- paypal says "select funding source" meaning credit card or direct debit of course.
The option to use paypal balance for payment is deliberately missing, regardless of balance amount or payment history.  My understanding is that even if I have a paypal balance of many thousands of dollars and want to make regular payments, however small, to a merchant such as ebay, paypal will still demand direct access to my credit card or bank account. Why? I wonder if it is actually ebay which is insisting on a funding source. Either way it is unnecessary and unethical. I question the legality of paypal/ebay insisting on credit card or direct debit arrangements when such arrangements are clearly not necessary for bill payment. Ebay doesn't need the keys to its customers money just to sell a bit of advertising space. Ordinarily a service provider would simply send out a bill, and a payment history would ordinarily create a level of trust sufficient to continue a mutually beneficial business arrangement.
I have used ebay for years, paid them plenty, and yet they treat me like a criminal.  I simply want to sell some stuff without getting caught up in ebay/paypal's plans for global dominance or whatever it is that has motivated this insidious policy of trying to gain direct access to bank accounts of users.
I know what ebay/paypal is up to. It's about having the keys to every customer money so that in the event of any dispute they can just take the money and the onus will be on the customer to take them to court instead of the other way around.


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