I Know My Time Is Coming


Honestly, after approx. 12-15 years & +/- $15,000 of transaction through PayPal, I have had ZERO incidents ..... but that's NOT implying that I completely trust PayPal with my money & numbers. I consider myself simply very lucky in this specific part of the Net. And fully believing the type horror-stories such as on this very site, I also fully believe that at least a measureable percentage of PP-Users have had extremely negative relations with the company, with the fault NOT being the user. So, knowing my time is eventually coming, I keep getting more & more careful about how & when I make transactions through PayPal.

MY negative experiences have been with the now-owner of PayPal ..... EBAY! Once an EXTREMELY active buyer through them, and also once a mediumly active seller, and a VERY honest one, I have had so many idiotic & amateurish actions against me & my Ebay account that I COMPLETELY quit them .... buying, selling, looking, EVERYTHING! And finding very comparable places, usually much BETTER places to do my business, I will NEVER give them 1 more tiny cent of my money ..... nor any positive references to other high-volumn Cyber-Transactioning people such as myself.

And the really cool thing about the entire deal, I got over any lingering love for the place even faster than I was able to forget my ex-wife.


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