I Am Done With PayPal


Ebay and PayPal only protect the buyer and the seller is left out in the cold.  I sold some CD's and shipped them to the address given to me (it was listed as "unconfirmed" in PayPal), but thats where the buyer wanted me to send it, so I did.  I put a tracking number on it and the USPS shows that it was delivered.  Then the "buyer" says he never received the items and put a complaint against me.  My account at PayPal was frozen, until they completed an investigation.  I get an email three days later stating that they have decided in the buyers favor as they had proof of payment.  I had proof of shipping & delivery.  I lost not only the product, but the $280 it sold for. Both eBay and PayPal make all their money from sellers (auction fees, final bidding fee) and yet they do not support Sellers. Its time for me to go.


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