How Do I Contact PayPal

My experience is quite simple, nowhere near as major as some I've read on this site. I had a problem with Paypal's new service, Bill Me Later. I couldn't get an account, every time I attempted to sign for an account, it told me that I couldn't process it and to come back later. So after a few times, I got frustrated and tried to find a customer service number; I did and called, but found that I needed to be a member to get through to customer service... the problem I had was that I couldn't become a member. So, I tried the official paypal site, I had a hardly used account with them for a couple years; I couldn't get into that account either, even though I knew I was using the right email address and the right password. I tried looking for a phone number and found that I had to sign in to get that number. So, angry, I googled Paypal customer service phone number; I found the site Paypal Sucks and they had a very convenient list of phone numbers and other stories of people having major problems with Paypal. Long story short, I want this ebook so I can avoid the problems these people have with Paypal; I simply had a little taste, I don't want to end up with a buffet of problems, so please send it to me quick.


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