Holds Limits And Chargebacks


I've had problems with PayPal customer service from day one. Holds, limits, chargebacks, you name it. I love Etsy and I did a lot of buying and selling on eBay but now both of those sites have lost me as a customer because I refuse to ever use paypal again. As if they myriad issues they had caused me that I managed to WAIT OUT because customer service just doesnt care and isnt authorized to do ANYTHING weren't enough, here is my biggest issue to date: The PayPal Extras card that I was eventually smart enough to pay off and close? Yup, they're still debiting me 170.00 USD per month. Same old story...GE Money says not my problem (foriegn rep actually yelled at me for daring suggest they were the ones initiating the payment) and PayPal says not my problem either. What's more, since I closed the account, they refuse to even look at it or take the payment reference number to look into it or confirm that a debit was made. All I have is the paper statement which they mail to me saying do not pay you have a credit at which point i have to call and request a check be sent, Rinse, Repeat, Cry. When I tried to close my paypal account, they said, unable to close at this time. Great. People really need to find out about what a scam this whole company is. I dont care if I never get another great deal or sale on eBay again, its worth it to not have to deal with this company's mind games and stonewalling.


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