Hello PayPal Are You There

My PayPal account was limited when I found an ad for a PayPal debit card on their website.  I submitted the form, thinking that maybe it would be a nice convenience to have such a card.  But PayPal used that application as an excuse to limit my account.  That is the ONLY reason they gave me, that my application made them question my identity.  The only "recourse" is for me to send them copies of my photo id, Social Security card, and a utility bill with name & address matching exactly the name on my  PayPal account.  No response other than sending them this information is possible outside the resolution center. From the resolution center, I sent them several requess, explaining that I cannot send them a utility bill because that doesn't come in my name (it is in my wife's name).  I asked them as nicely as I could what to do about this in order to fix my account, and I also asked them why they used that excuse to restrict my account.  They have not responded at all to my several requests.  They haven't even acknowledged receiving them.  Instead, they have sent me many computer-generated email requests demanding to know why they haven't heard from me (I have saved all of these emails).  I have no other method of contacting them except for the one that they continually refuse to acknoledge.  Their computer-generated requests I find offensive ("what is the problem?").  In the meantime, they refuse to let me access my own money; they continue to take out their fees when people send me money, but then they keep the money and won't let me access it.  My PayPal account is very small; I am a disabled person who teaches students online for free; I created a PayPal donate button on some pages of my website for those who insist on helping me with my expenses.  I have very little income and this little bit of help that I only occasionally receive helps me out.  In fact, the only thing that is in my account currently is the amount left after PayPal took a fee from a $25 contribution.  I have ideas that might lead to more contributions in the future.  I want my money!  I want PayPal to lift the restriction on my account, a restriction that I was given no good reason for.  I want PayPal to respond to my communication whenever I go through THEIR channels and ask what it is I can do to fix my account.


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