Guitar Sale On eBay Ruined Me


I have been an eBay seller for over 10 years. I have a 100% positive feedback rating with over 1500 responses. I sell musical gear...period. I am an electronics technician and audio engineer and I have been buying and selling guitars since the late 70's. EVERY item I sell is thoroughly tested and inspected immediately prior to shipping. EVERY item I sell is exactly as described. I recently sold a guitar. The buyer received it and even left me glowing positive feedback indicating that the guitar was EXACTLY as described:
"Fast Ship & Superbly packed...Item as described.. Thank You for the nice guitar!"
This is typical of the feedback I receive as I ALWAYS strive to provide my customers with the best possible service. Several days later this buyer files a Buyer Protection Case stating the item was not as described:
"I thought I was buying a good used playable guitar as per the seller description of the item. This guitar is not usable as a fully functioning guitar. It is scrap material. "
SCRAP MATERIAL?? Really?? The buyer goes on to claim his assertion that this guitar was a second or factory defect. It was stamped with an appropriate serial# at the Epiphone Factory,(2nd's have stickers) and it even came with the original paperwork from the factory including the inspection report which clearly showed that it passed all inspections. This buyer was lying!! As stated in the buyer feedback response the item was superbly packed so its unlikely damage occurred during shipping it's also unlikey that if this guitar was, as the buyer claimed, "scrap material" the buyer would not have noticed it upon initial inspection and leave the feedback statements that it was "as described" and a "nice guitar". The guitar was a fine playing instrument when I shipped it. The buyer cannot prove that it was anything but that when he received it. This is strictly a case of "he said - she said". As we all know eBay ALWAYS sides against the Seller. So now apparently if you buy a guitar on eBay and decide that you don't like the color or that it doesn't suit your playing style all you have to do is DESTROY it and eBay will force your Seller to issue you a full refund and accept the return of an item that you broke!!
It doesn't matter how long you've been a seller or how good your track record and feedback rating are you have NO rights. Needless to say I was VERY frustrated and so made that absolutely pointless call to customer support. Apparently they've had some new training seminars recently as the robot I spoke to had all sorts of new party line talking points about just how fair and balanced eBay is and how much they value and care for their sellers and of course,(after they've stolen my money and forced me to accept return of merchandise destroyed by the buyer), I can always file an appeal.....YEAH RIGHT.


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