Got My Account Canceled

These people put a limitation on my account. When I called to find out why, they told me, because someone tried to open a paypal account in Brazil with my info (bank acct..address..ect) I told the lady thanks for the heads up on a possible identity theft but why is my account limited, I was told I am now a RISK and said the only way someone could know that info was if I gave it to them..What the heck..Is that not why its called identity THEFT..HELLO! Anyway she said there is hard evidence that I knew what was going on, however paypal is not allowed to share such evidence with me..I possibly have had my identity stolen and paypal will not give me the information needed to try and figure out whats going on..Also my business is now interrupted and im not allowed to use paypal ever loss if they cant help with resolving such an important issue and help their customer get it figured out, then they dont need me.


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