Got Crap When Buying Adobe Acrobat X Pro On eBay


I paid $200 for an Adobe Acrobat X Pro on ebay and I used my PayPal account to pay for the software. What did was send me an upgrade which means I have to already have Adobe Acrobat installed on my computer. I asked them for a refund and they basically told me there are no refunds. A few months ago I made another purchase from ebay for an Adobe Acrobat software. I paid $200 for that one. It turned out to be a counterfeit program. There again ebay and PayPal did nothing to help me get my money back.
I need the Adobe Acrobat program because I am an author and I sell one of the versions of my novel as an ebook download. Sometimes I send the customer a Word document and sometimes I send them a pdf, however the Adobe software I had on my computer was pirated, which I did not know about and Adobe shut my Acrobat program down. Therefore I wanted to buy the program.
ebay and PayPal are scams. I don't understand why the US government has not investigated them and shut them down. They are no different then a burglar who sells stolen or counterfeit goods. I will never use Paypal or ebay again. No matter what I need I can get elsewhere. I sincerly hope they are shut down for good one of these days soon.


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