Funds Transfer


My wife and I have separate accounts at a local bank. I logged into my Paypal account to transfer funds ($2400) to Paypal. Between the two accounts I had the available funds and thought that funds would be available but I was mistaken and the transfer failed. I went to my bank, explained the issue, they 'connected' the two accounts, reversed the $33 NSF charge and I withdrew the same amount in cash which left just a few dollars in both accounts. A few days later the bank notified me that (2) subsequent attempted transfers failed ($66 in NSF). I called Paypal at which time they notified me that when a transfer fails the automatically try it 2 more times! I had no idea! I can't even imagine why they would do that, particularly without notifying me or in some way make it know that this is their policy. When I called Paypal the last transfer was still pending. I ask him to cancel it. He said that was not possible once the "Computers were talking to each other". My own mistake started this 'transaction from hell' but their policy of attempting the transfer 2 more times without my knowledge sucks.


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