Funds On Hold And Getting Evicted


I have done business online with ebay for several years. I do not owe money to them. I do not owe money to any buyers. I am listed as a top rated seller. I have no buyer complaints or claims against me. A friend put his debit card on my paypal account until my new card arrives from my bank. EBay/paypal claims that he owed a past due balance of 20.00 from an account he had years ago. He paid that past due today but paypal will not unlock my paypal account that holds over 19,000. What my friend did in the past has nothing to do with me. I was trying to print out a shipping label several months back and i couldnt because my old debit card on file was no good. That is why my friend put his debit card on my paypal account at the time. None of this makes any sense. I'm losing 1,500 a week in sales .  I have  been on the phone all day with paypal 11/2/11 arguing with them back and forth. His response now was. there is a charge back that someone filed. That buyer that filed a $20.00 charge back contacted paypal and said it was a misunderstanding. I do have an email from that buyer proving so. When I brought this up to paypal , they told me, mam, we are locking your account for 6 months. WHY??? I did nothing wrong at all. Im listed as a top rated seller as well as a power seller. There is no excuse for locking my account other than ..If someone has a large amount in their account like I do , If its locked , than Paypal makes money off the interest. I use to be a full time nurse until a back injury had me in Surgery with a terrible outcome. I do not receive disability or any public assistance . I had to figure out a way to make ends meet and ebay was my only way. It was a legal and honest way to make money. I need my money to survive and paypal is keeping it. I really need your help. This is not right at all. Im just an individual just trying to make it in these tough times. I put my money and trust in to paypal. Its all about the interest that they are after. I have contacted the BBB and Attorney general as well as the DFI in CA. No one will help me. I have no place to go once im evicted. HELP!!

As of today.I just received an eviction notice.


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