Frustration Over Closure

I can not begin to tell you the frustration I have been through with ebay and paypal. First they request more documents like invoices for my materials, tracking numbers and so forth. I have provided them and then they said 72 hours to update.

Now I check my emails to see an email from them telling me they have closed my account for security issues and have taken my money??? I do not understand what they want from me. I am really upset and feel that I have been treated unfairly and when I call them all I get is a call centre staff that reads me answers from the FAQ questions on their website.

If they were a company who were legally here and I reported them to the fair trading we would go to the tribunal to get this matter sorted. I honestly feel that I have no rights :(

And here we are still honoring our orders to do what's right at our own cost knowing the fear that we might not even be able to get the money back :(


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