Frozen Funds Pending Feedback


I sold several high dollar items on ebay, almost $1000 worth then when I went to withdraw my funds I get this message that my funds had been frozen for 21 day's or until ebay got positive feedback from the Buyer. As you know unless someone has a Bitch about what you sold them, they do not take time to fill out some silly-assed formed ebay sends them. It took me almost 2 months to get my money and IT CAME IN DRIBS AND DRABS. Since paypal had all my Banking info after I finally did get all my money, minus all their fees. I had to close out a bank account I had had for 5 years to keep them for charging Ebay fees that they said I owed but DIDN’T. So I decided FUCK EBAY & PAYPAL BOTH. Now I do all my selling and shopping on elsewhere, they are cheaper, you can talk to a real live person, and I have not had one bad experience with them since I switched over a year ago. PAYPAL & EBAY CAN KISS MY ASS.


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