Frozen Account Leads To Problems


PayPal froze my account without warning last year for no apparent reason, and when I called them, all they told me was that it was standard procedure account review, and this is after I had been a member for several months, but while my account was frozen, I had five orders that needed to be processed and delivered.  PayPal informed me to use funds from another account.  I didn't have funds in another account.  So, because of them, I had to cancel all five orders, got negative feedback, which caused eBay to drop my TSR/DSR rating, and felt I wasn't worth their time after that.  By the time I canceled and refunded the orders waiting processing, this ended up putting my account down to -$80.  I called them again, and they were rude to me on the phone, and practically accused me of fraud when I did absolutely nothing wrong.  So, I stopped selling on eBay altogether for a while.  One day, I got an email from Yahoo telling my that my account had been hacked and was advised to change all my passwords at all my different sites.  So I did.  Finally, I got some collectibles together, and decided to give it another shot a few months later.  I called PayPal again, and asked about the -$80.  They said as soon as I paid that, then the account limitation would be removed.  So I paid it.  A couple days went by, and I got an email from them saying that "Someone tried to sign up for an account using my information" and that "We're sorry, but you are no longer considered a valued customer".  I got nowhere with phone calls or emails after months of trying and started selling on Amazon and other sites.  I went to process an order one day through my checking account from my local bank using my debit card, and the card would not go through.  I kept getting a message that the "Card could not be verified" and to "please check the card information and try again or use a different credit card."  I called my local bank, and they said that back in April of 2011, two months after opening my checking account, that someone tried to use my information to either make a purchase or withdraw funds and they knew it was not me so they froze my card until they heard from me.  I had to re-open a new checking account and have a new credit card sent to me.  I have informed PayPal of this, but they said "I can never use them again as long as I live" even though I did nothing wrong.  That's where I stand today.  I sent them another email the day before yesterday informing them of my new card information and what the bank told me, and I have documentation from my bank that says a new card was issued because of suspected usage that they knew was not me.  Thomas.


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