Forced By eBay to Refund a PS3

I have sold a ps3 on ebay with a 7 day warranty well on the 4th week after the warranty expired the ps3 jammed by the buyer and could not accept discs, i was forced by ebay to refund him in full in 24 hours after the decision was made not until i receive my item back but until 24 hours or 3 days whatever it was either amount of time item couldn’t be returned in time frame.  So basically its been days since my ps3 i sold was returned because he says i have to pay return ship when it says he does on the listing and ebay policy so he even opens the system up he says to me in email and probably breaks system even more and i email paypal, they tell me to call, i talk to a agent who doesn’t even care and has a Indian accent i cant even hear what they are saying but they transfer me to a "specialist" in seller protection, i wait one hold the phone line cuts off.  I do the process again only i ask for the number and it says the number isn’t available for my country???? what??? so i e-mail paypal saying this is not acceptable they’re service is horrible and they yet to respond.  Their dispute system sucks so badly i can’t report a buyer i can only report sellers so that is useless.  Paypal and ebay suck, they rip you off.


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