EZ Support for Ebay Sucks


I have been selling on Ebay full time for over a year and off and on for 10 years. Currently my Feedback is 99.5% at the time I was put on payment hold I was 99.7%. I was told this was because of low DSR scores for the month of August that because of a 3 month combined average of an anonymous DSR rating that my account has fallen below standards and that I was basically being punished and all incoming sales would be subject to 21 day holds. I suffered a bad sales month due to a program application I used from Ebay called EZ Support for Ebay which blocked buyers from sending me messages or complaints so I got a bunch of cases filed against me as their only way to contact me. However I was able to fix most of the problems but I was still in the below standard zone by a hair. 
I was told that my seller dashboard shows a .07% below standard ratings. Meaning someone left me a 4 instead of a 5. ( 4 = Satisfied and 5 = very satisfied.)
Either way satisfied means satisfied but this is a rigged system designed to keep good hard working sellers below the standard line.  Ebay gets the best of both worlds in that they know you are honest and hard working but being below standard you can not take advantage of any seller specials, your money goes on hold so that Ebay and partner Paypal can make money on the Interest your held money generates and your search engine ratings go lower so you end up spending more money in relisting. Its a win win situation for Ebay and in thier best interest to keep you below standards as they make more money this way but a horror for myself as for one thing its anonymous, you have no proof of who left what or if you really are below standard or if Ebay is setting things up and manipulating the scores. As I have had worse ratings in the past but less money in my Paypal account. However now that I actually have money in my account I get flagged for payment holds. Funny thing is 21 days is just a number as if a customer were to file claim on the 23rd day Paypal would still reverse charges and hold my money anyways. So all I see is an excuse for Paypal to hold my money so that they can maximize profit on all of the thousands of holds they do on its sellers monthly. I was told that my account has been back to standard for over a month but its set up that you have to wait till the 20th of the month to be rated again.  However if that interest money were to somehow have to be given to the account holders there would never be payment holds.
If Ebay and or Paypal had to be rated on the same scale as they require its sellers to maintain they would have failed every time and would have had to suspend their own business. That is if they were to be rated by the sellers. If it was their money they wouldn't tolerate any payments holds towards them. Which reminds me that I cant pay my Ebay bill for the month because of the holds.  I currently have $1,500 pending and $60.00 available. During Christmas time!!!
Oh and if someone pays me money that money goes on hold but if I have to refund someone they will take that money out of my available instead of the pending amount. This is criminal and I am pissed !!!


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