eBay Is Judge And Jury


Buyer told me they'd received the goods - a bit late - I sent by 2nd class recorded delivery (as PayPal suggest is a suitable method for sending); now she has filed a claim with eBay saying that I never sent the item to her or she never got it. I have e-mailed her directly, attaching the Post Office receipt, with Postal Code on it(printed), which is the correct building number, but PayPal keep ordering me to settle things with the buyer who won't respond to my messages and they won't release my funds to me either. The claim still hasn’t' lifted and eBay are saying I have to track the package for her as if I am responsible for poor postal services beyond my control and believe she hasn't got the item, which I don't believe. Yet Recorded Delivery doesn't have a tracking facility - only proof of sending. In my advert I also made it clear I was sending the goods to buyers by normal 1st class delivery, not a trackable service so Rec Del is actually safer not less safe. Yet, eBay are claiming I am responsible for ensuring the package arrives personally in her lap - even if the goods are lost in transit and beyond my control or her neighbor picks up the item or signs on the buyers behalf - that is my fault apparently, and the buyer deserves her money back. I am an individual attic clearer, not a business seller - so the distance selling rules don't apply to me or consumer laws. The item for not high value either. But I am furious about eBay acting like some sort of judge and jury over my bona fide payments for items sent honestly and treating my bona fide payment for goods sent to the correct address as if it is theirs, until they decide otherwise. This is blatantly illegal and completely flouts the principles of fairness. A auction house should never get involved in seller and buyer disputes of this kind, except to offer advice to ensure safety but never to withhold funds or dip into my bank account to extract funds out of it. That is what the courts are for - to settle disputes using the law properly and the legal principles of fairness, reasonableness and the rules of evidence. eBay are not doing anything like that and have no legal rights to withhold funds.


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